Chris Khng

Chris Khng has a strong interest in strengthening connections between people and cultures, and ensuring that everyone has a fair and equitable chance in life to pursue their passions. He is particularly interested in the intersectionalities of values, beliefs, cultures, and desires that inform human behaviour. Having worked in international development for over twenty years, Chris is currently the acting Director of the Inclusive Governance and Human Rights and the Inclusive Economic Growth partnerships division at Global Affairs Canada, supporting international projects with Canadian civil society organisations in areas such as public accountability, economic equality, social justice, 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, human rights education, and women's leadership. Chris has also lived and worked in countries such as Bangladesh, Mozambique, and Pakistan, and has engaged with the 2SLGTQIA+ communities in various regions to support their development efforts while appreciating the challenges they face. Chris was also a volunteer with EGALE Canada in the early 2000s and supported the passing of same-sex marriage legislation. His husband is a potter and they currently live in Ottawa.

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