All students deserve to be respected, safe and supported at school.

Our government should be working to make schools safer for all students, not making life harder for vulnerable students. 

Queer and trans kids sometimes get bullied in the classroom or kicked out for being who they are. Instead of supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ students or investing in safer schools, the Government of Ontario has introduced a new policy requiring parental consent for trans students under 16 to use their chosen name and pronoun at school. Under this policy, students will be pressured to come out before they want to, or before they’re ready. Parents need to be involved in the lives and education of their children, but it’s not the government’s job to push students to come out at home before they’re ready, or force them back into the closet. 

Say no to Doug Ford's attacks on students, and say yes to inclusive schools for all!

Tell Premier Ford to stop making life harder for queer and trans students. 

Will you sign?

Premier Doug Ford,

Reverse this new policy and stop picking on queer students!


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