Letter Writing Campaign in Alberta

Momentum launches letter writing campaign against Alberta’s anti-LGBTQ+ policies

EDMONTON, AB – The Society of Queer Movement launched a letter writing campaign today encouraging supporters of freedom and equality to write to Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and call for the withdrawal of proposed anti-LGBTQ+ policies.
“Wherever bigotry raises its head, Momentum will be there. Wherever social conservatives try to force their opinions on others, Momentum will respond,” said Fae Johnstone, Executive Director. “Our message is very clear: Premier Smith must withdraw these anti-LGBTQ+ policies.”

Young people across Alberta are getting organized to oppose this latest instance of homophobia and transphobia from Premier Smith.

“The message I’m hearing from my peers is one of worry and fear. Life for young trans people and our families is already hard enough. Now, it’s getting harder.” said Jones Harvey, a young transgender Albertan and board member with Momentum. “Premier Smith’s policies do not reflect today’s Alberta. We are a vibrant, welcoming province. The Premier’s policies show she is completely out of touch with Albertans. She is making life harder for a vulnerable minority instead of delivering for Albertan families”

People can send a letter to the Premier of Alberta by visiting https://www.momentumcanada.net/alberta

The Society of Queer Momentum was founded in 2023 to oppose rising anti-queer and anti-trans hatred. The organization has members and supporters in every province, and works to accelerate social justice for queer and trans people.


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