Media Release: Poilievre's comments are dangerous

Poilievre’s transphobic comments are dangerous

 OTTAWA – Pierre Poilievre's transphobic comments show that he is siding with social conservatives against LGBTQ+ people, according to the Society of Queer Momentum.

“Today Pierre Poilievre doubled-down on transphobic comments that show he is unsuitable to be Prime Minister, “said Fae Johnstone, Executive Director of the Society for Queer Momentum. “Someone who targets and bullies a small and vulnerable minority group should never lead this country.”

Provincial conservative governments in Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have recently brought forward anti-LGBTQ+ policies to impress their social conservative base.

Earlier today, Poilievre waded into the discussion by denying the existence of trans women and supporting a suggestion to ban trans women from women’s spaces. Just last week, Poilievre supported Alberta’s proposed anti-LGBTQ+ policies.

“Pierre Poilievre should issue a retraction and apologize to queer and trans people across the country for his harmful comments. Attacking LGBTQ+ people for political gain is just gross,” said Johnstone.

The Society of Queer Momentum was founded in 2023 to oppose rising anti-queer and anti-trans hate.

People can add their name to a petition calling for Poilievre to retract his comments at

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