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Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and his government are going to cause irreparable harm to vulnerble children. Together, we can stop them.

No matter where we live, what we look like, whom we love, what we believe or how we identify, we all deserve to feel safe at home, at school, and in our communities. We deserve to live dignified lives, and to know that - in Canada - there are safeguards in place that prevent governments from enacting discriminatory policies. We deserve governments that respect our charter-protected rights, because those rights are essential to an equal, free and inclusive country.

But in Saskatchewan, Premier Scott Moe and his government want to override the charter-rights of transgender students to push through a policy that a judge said may cause "irreparable harm" to vulnerable young people. Premier Moe wants to single out a tiny segment of vulnerable trans students and make schools less safe for them without the courts getting in his way. 

If he can get away with it now, who knows whose rights he’ll override next? 

Premier Moe doesn't want any checks on his power. He is setting a dangerous precedent by invoking the NotWithsanding clause to override the charter-rights of a vulnerable minority. If he can do this for trans students, who knows which minority, or which charter-protected rights, he'll target next. Together, we must Say No to Moe and speak up for our charter-protected rights!

Sign our petition. Join us in saying NO to Premier Moe. 

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I'm speaking up for Charter-protected rights and calling on Premier Scott Moe to Leave Vulnerable Trans Students Alone! 


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