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Statement by Fae Johnstone on Alberta’s sweeping anti-LGBTQ policy change

OTTAWA – Fae Johnstone, Executive Director of the Society of Queer Momentum, made the following statement about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s proposed changes and their impact on LGBTQ people’s lives:

“Today in Alberta, queer and trans people and their families are anxious and concerned. Premier Smith’s policies will force transgender students back into the closet, prevent doctors from prescribing life saving medication, undermine evidence-based sex education, and force teachers to “out” students before they are ready. There was no consultation before this announcement, and the impact on LGBTQ people’s lives will be significant. These changes must be withdrawn entirely. 
The Society of Queer Momentum, alongside parents and allies, will oppose these attacks on freedom and rights every step of the way."

Momentum is in regular touch with organizations and activists in Alberta about this evolving situation and will provide more updates soon.

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