Fire Viersan

Tell Pierre Poilievre to Fire His Anti-Gay MP

Arnold Viersan, Conservative Member of Parliament for Peace River — Westlock, supports rolling back marriage equality, opposes rights for transgender people, and wants to interfere in your reproductive rights.


His anti-gay and anti-women agenda has no place in the House of Commons.

So why is he still in Pierre Poilievre’s caucus?

To make matters worse - Viersan says he’s not a lone voice in the CPC. How many of his colleagues want to roll back marriage equality and make life harder for LGBTQ+ people in Canada?

Sign our petition urging Pierre Poilievre to oust his anti-gay MP. Or is Viersan saying in public what Poilievre supports in private?

Pierre Poilievre and his party’s anti-LGBTQ+ track record speaks for itself:
  • Poilievre voted against marriage equality in 2005. He only changed his tune when his position became wildly unpopular.
  • Half the Conservative caucus voted against banning conversion therapy - a terrible practice that can amount to torture - in 2016
  • The Conservative Party membership passed two anti-trans policies in 2023 that would put transgender people at greater risk of violence and ban essential health services transgender youth and their families need.

Will you sign?

Pierre Poilievre: it's time to kick homophobe Arnold Viersan out of the Conservative Caucus.


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