What Does The Bill Do?

If passed, the Gender Affirming Healthcare Act will mandate the Ontario Ministry of Health to strike a provincial advisory committee (including both members of the trans and gender diverse community, and gender-affirming healthcare providers) to make recommendations to the Minister of Health for improving access to and coverage for gender affirming health care in Ontario.

Through consultation with trans, two spirit, non-binary and gender diverse communities, as well as relevant service providers and other key stakeholders,, the committee will create and submit a report with comprehensive recommendations to the Minister of Health within 6 months after the advisory committee is established.

No more than 90 days after the Minister receives the report from the advisory committee, the Minister will be mandated to inform the Assembly (i.e, Queen’s Park) of the recommendations that the Minister recommends the Government of Ontario implement.

While this is but one step towards improving gender-affirming healthcare in Ontario, this bill represents a unique opportunity to put trans and gender diverse healthcare on the provincial agenda.

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