Alberta's Anti-LGBTQ Policies

Speak up for a Free and Equal Alberta! Together, we can stop Premier Smith’s Attack on Young Transgender Albertans and Their Families.

The Government of Alberta is restricting the rights and freedoms of transgender young people and their families.

Premier Smith and her government are moving forward with policies that will force transgender students back into the closet and interfere in the medical care of young people and their families. The government is also going to undermine the evidence-based sexual health education all students deserve. 

Momentum rejects Premier Smith’s attempt to divide people with deceptive slogans and distract from the real issues facing Alberta. Instead of investing in schools, addressing the opioid crisis, or taking action on healthcare, Premier Smith is playing games with young people’s safety. That’s why we are speaking up for freedom and equality for all. 

Today, no matter where you live in Canada, we are asking you to send a letter to Premier Smith speaking out against the proposed changes.

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