Together, we choose facts over fear in our children’s education.

We are parents, teachers, students, and members of vibrant and diverse communities.  We all agree that all students, regardless of their gender, where they come from, or which faith they profess, should feel respected and safe to be their authentic self at school.

Sadly, a small group of powerful people - opportunistic politicians and their friends on the far right - are trying to split us apart. They are exploiting a lack of familiarity with transgender people to distract from their failure to deliver for our families. They want us divided and distracted because many of their ideas are deeply unpopular and dangerous. 

Schools across the country have developed policies that help vulnerable students who experience bullying because they're gay, trans, have same-sex parents, look different, or hold a different faith. These policies were created with care and have worked for years without issue. They have made it safer for young people to be their authentic selves and to get the support they need from both their schools and their families to thrive.

It is in kids' best interests to put facts over fear and create schools where children of all kinds - whether they're trans, newcomers, from a low-income family, from a different faith tradition, or different in some other way - have the freedom to be true to who they are. 

By speaking out for evidence-based school policies that give students the freedom to be themselves, we can make sure facts win over fear. 

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As parents, teachers and community members, we all believe in safe schools that encourage respect and give all students -including trans students - the freedom to be themselves.

Together, we can choose #FactsOverFear in our children’s education.

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Join us in pledging to choose #FactsOverFear. Together, we can create schools where all students are free to be their authentic selves.


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