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What you need to know 

In New Brunswick, we know how important it is for all kids to be safe and respected at school, including transgender students. Kids deserve the freedom to be themselves and pursue their dreams, while feeling safe and respected in the classroom. But, in early June, Premier Blaine Higgs amended Policy 713 with requirements that discriminate against transgender students and make it harder for them to come out of the closet at school.

Here’s what Higgs did and why it’s an issue.

Changes to Policy 713 mean that teachers may be disciplined if they use the chosen name or pronouns of a student under 16 without parental consent. 

While we want all kids to have welcoming and accepting families, we know some trans and queer young people aren't safe at home. Many trans kids become homeless, and many others face abuse and mistreatment in their homes because they’re different: because they’re trans. We know the vast majority of parents are loving, respectful and act in their child's best interest, but we must protect those students who do not have a safe home and ensure schools are safe havens for them. 

All students deserve space at school to figure out who they are, without discrimination. When a student comes out as trans, they should be afforded respect and dignity, alongside their peers, and welcomed with their chosen name and pronouns. While schools should encourage parental involvement, they should equally respect the right of a student to come out on their own terms. 

Because of Premier Higgs’ changes to Policy 713, many trans kids will be denied safe places at school, even as they may be denied a safe place at home. Trans students should not be forced back into the closet because they’re not ready - or not safe - to come out at home.  

Send Premier Higgs and your Member of Legislative Assembly a letter telling them to protect trans kids in our schools. 



We are a coalition of parents, youth, educators and civil society organizations concerned about how changes to Policy 713 will put vulnerable young people at risk and impact inclusivity of our schools

Our coalition's organizational partners include:

  • Chroma NB
  • Alter Acadie NB
  • ConneQT NB 
  • Society of Queer Momentum
  • Imprint Youth Association
  • Saint John Pride
  • SexualityNB
  • QT Fatties in NB
  • Queer Heritage Initiative of New Brunswick
  • Pride/Swell+
  • The SJ Psychology Centre
  • Acadie Love
  • l’Association francophone des aînées et aînés du Nouveau-Brunswick
  • Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick

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